Why Enroll Detroit?

From birth, families are faced with making critical decisions about their child’s education. Each decision begins with a set of questions: What are my options? How do I determine what is a high quality program? What program is right for my child? How do I apply and enroll?

With little reliable information or assistance in answering these questions, families are left overwhelmed, confused, and without access to high quality programs, birth to college. Enroll Detroit aims to increase access to high quality programs by offering one-on-one support, reliable and accessible information, and community advocacy.

We believe this starts with offering Support. Families will receive one-on-one support in overcoming common barriers, including learning about, applying to, and enrolling in a program of their choice.

To make our services accessible to all, we will create Tools. This set of communication tools will help families understand their options and rights when choosing a program, such as navigating the requirements for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), securing a birth certificate and necessary enrollment documentation, or receiving transportation for displaced families through McKinney-Vento.

Finally, we acknowledge that many of these enrollment barriers require systemic chanage in order for all families to Access quality schools. We will ensure every family has the ability to access high quality programs of their choice for their children, birth to college, by establishing a network of families, students, and community stakeholders committed to creating effective statewide policies that improve their communities access to quality schools